Daily Needs

Items Needed Daily:  None of the items below should stay at home.  Each item needs to come to school daily.

Backpack:  preferably ones on worn on the back with 2 shoulder straps  (IF you purchased one that rolls, please train your student to be EXTREMELY responsible with them.  You need to please teach them that they have to be careful not to just roll them through people without looking; rolling backpacks are dangerous due to being a tripping hazard to classmates and myself.  Typical behaviors I've seen is rolling them over people's feet, stopping short causing the person behind them to trip over the rolling backpack, and leaving them unattended in the middle of a walkway.  So please train your student they are responsible for the rolling backpack.)

Backpack Folder (yellow) (Please only remove Keep at Home side items.)


Chromebook (FULLY charged)

Lunch/Lunch code


Water Bottle

100 % Fully Charged Chromebook