Math Visuals

Math Mountain Flashcards (A.K.A. Fact Families & Related Facts!):

Click here to view video.

Math Mountains:

Click here for Math Mountain help. (Credit:  Math and Learning Videos 4 Kids.)


Click here for second Math Mountain help video.  (Credit:  Math and Learning Videos 4 Kids.)

Make-A-Ten With Math Mountain:

Click here. (Credit:  WSKG Public Media.)



Make-A-Ten With Ten Frames:

Click here. (Credit:  The WCPSS Academics)


Click here. (Credit:  WSKG Public Media)



Make-A-Ten With Ten Frames & Math Mountains:

Click here. (Credit The WCPSSAcademics)



Count On For Addition:

Click here.


Ten Frame For a Missing Addend:

Click here!  (Focus on using TWO different colors for counters.  Or use TWO different shapes for counters.)

Odd or Even:

Read Aloud Even Steven and Odd Todd


Learning Odd and Even Numbers for Kids Video here.


Equivalent Equations:

Equal Number Sentences Video here.