Homework: use Clever.com (QR code)

For Clever.com click here; use your student's QR code.
Daily assignments are on the homework cover sheet online.  We don't do homework on holidays or non-student days.  :D
Reading and studying will be part of RAH.
Unfinished classwork may go home on the Return to School side and is due, completed, the next day.
Due daily:  work CAN be done in line before school, in class during down times, and at recess/lunch BEFORE we grade it in class to avoid a late assignment being counted.  Missing/Incomplete work affects Behavior Calendar.  5 class dollars and a recess is due for each late/missing assignment.  (Rule #3:  Work first; play later.)  Students can use a Late Assignment Pass to avoid a late assignment being counted.  Students can use a Line Pass to avoid forfeiting recess.
2nd Grade 
3rd Grade


ELA=English Language Arts




RAH=Reading At Home (Excluding holidays/Non-student days)

RWB=Reading Workbook 

T.I.=Turn In

T.M.=Thinking Map

WB=workbook (Math Expressions Homework & Remembering)

WS=worksheet (Building Spelling Skills...this class needs to focus on phonics.)

Why Common Core State Standards?

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For ELA standards click here.

For Math Standards click here.

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