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Welcome to the Cox Library!




Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to our wonderful Cox Elementary School Library! I am Kelly Lopez, the Library Media-Technician for your students.  Working with and seeing your students every week makes this job the best and most amazing job in the world!  My motto for the library is “Making Magic Happen”.  My #1 priority is to help your student realize and enjoy the Magic of Reading!


Library hours are:

Monday: TBD

Tuesday: TBD

Wednesday: TBD

Thursday: TBD

Friday: TBD


Library Policies:

  • Kindergarten may check out 1 book every week, while 1st grade thru 5th grade may check out 2!
  • Your student will be coming to the library every week. If they forget to bring their book, they will not be allowed to check out a new book so please encourage them to have their books in their backpacks for Library Day!
  • Renewals are allowed with teacher permission for 1 additional week for 2nd through 5th grades. (This rule will vary when students have book reports)
  • There are no late fees, however, all classes participate in a fun and exciting contest in the library known as the Library Circulation contest! If ALL students turn in their books ON TIME, the class is entered into the contest! Your students get very excited about this contest, as do I!
  • Missing books: I understand books go missing from time to time! If a book is not returned by the 2nd week, a notice will go home to return or replace the book.  If a book is not returned or replaced by the 3rd week, a citation may be given (this consequence is for 2nd – 5th grade only)
Book Requests:
Making sure there are books that every student enjoys is at the top of my list, so I am constantly looking to add new titles to our library!  I often have “Wish Lists” at the school’s Book Fair and always take suggestions from your students on what they would like me to get in the library, after all this is THEIR LIBRARY! 


In Memory of Carter Ankeny 

A new bookshelf has been added to the Cox School Library to honor the generous donations made by Carter and those made in his name.  For that and so much more, we will be:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me [email protected]

Thank you and let your Imagination Soar!


Kelly Lopez

Cox Elementary School

Library-Media Technician